Having a corporate event coming up? Need some ideas for décor? With our white flower wall in Belleville , your corporate event will be an unforgettable event. Whether your event is for an end-of-month dinner, a conference with other companies, or a big bash for employee appreciation, we have got you covered. For you, we’ve compiled a list of ideas for your white affordable flower wall. So, take a look at all the ways this exceptional flower wall can be used at your event  in Belleville.

white flower wall Belleville: Your Corporate Event

Corporate events don’t have to be stiff and uncomfortable events. They don’t need to be events where your employees feel obligated to come out of a sense of duty. With our white flower wall Belleville, they can be events where people come together and celebrate the community within their company or organization. In fact, they are great opportunities to network, and meet new people who are interested in the same things as you.

At these kinds of events, you can make friends, and get to know your colleagues much better. While staying professional, we have compiled some ways you and your employees can have fun at the next big corporate event coming up. So, make sure you read this article to see how you, as a host, can incorporate your white flower wall Belleville.

3 ways to Incorporate your white flower wall Belleville

With this handy list, you’ll see that our white flower wall in Belleville is unmatched when it comes to versatility. From corporate parties to retirement events, this wall will give you the opportunity to celebrate your employees in a great way. So, read on!

1. Corporate Parties: Photoshoot for Memories

When it comes to events where you will be meeting up with your fellow employees, you’re going to need an icebreaker. With the white affordable flower wall Belleville, you’ll have a great one. Using props and costumes, you can encourage your employees to gather together in front of the designated backdrop to take some great photos. we encourage you to take silly photos, and professional ones! In fact, you can opt to place your company name on your wall. That way, you’ll have the opportunity to promote your company through all the photos you’ve taken throughout the event. Check out this set-up below to see how it looks:

white-background-white-flower-wall-belleville (2)

2. Conferences and Special Dinners

Next, you can use this wall to create a certain ambience. In our opinion, the white flower wall in Belleville sets a fun atmosphere where employees can relax and enjoy the evening. However, this wall also calls for elegance. The white-champagne fusion of the wall is beautiful under a low-dim lighting while you make your important company announcement.

Further, this wall is a stunning décor piece for a dinner setting. As pictured, this wall can be a fancy way to create a 5-star dinner experience at any venue. If you are hosting, and have some great food being catered, make sure to pair it with this wall to really pull the event together. With a lovely conference or dinner set-up, your employees will feel valued, and appreciate your hard work and effort.


3. Award Ceremonies and Retirements

Perhaps the most important time in a person’s life is the day they retire. After a long career-life at a company, your employee might be hesitant to see what’s next for them in life. To make the transition easier (and to show your appreciation), use the white flower wall in Belleville as a backdrop for a retirement party.  That way, your employee will remember all the great friends and memories they made with you over the years.

Plus, they will be excited to see what’s next in life, while remembering they have you as a contact! Additionally, you can incorporate this wall in an awards ceremony, where the employee of the month can come up on stage and get a picture with their award in front of a fantastic backdrop. Remember to hop in the picture with them, though! That way, you’ll create some mementos for yourself as well. Grab your affordable flower wall rental today in Belleville for your corporate event today. It will be a great choice for sure!


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