Rent a Wedding Flower Wall Toronto: Use Your Connections

Chances are you may be considering renting a wedding flower wall by seeing one at your family or friend’s wedding. If you are, be sure to check in with them as they likely have the contact info for the company they used. They will be able to provide you with an honest review of the company and inform you if they are worth using.


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Company Websites

Company websites are a great way to get in touch with some of the top companies in your area. Start by opening up Google, and searching the wedding flower wall. Google will give you a google maps result and display some businesses in your area. Click on “more places” at the bottom of that result and you will be taken to a more detailed page with even more businesses.

If you click on a business, you will be able to see reviews and links to their company website. Use this page to screen businesses and further investigate the ones that intrigue you. This is a fast and simple way to rent a wedding flower wall.

Pinterest to Rent a Wedding Toronto Flower Wall

Pinterest is an artistic social media platform that has lots of great postings about flower walls. Many of these posts are made by companies looking to promote their flower walls on the site. Take a look through Pinterest. There are DIY walls, small walls, large walls, and professional walls. You will see many different styles of flower falls. The colours will catch your eye, and make you feel inspired.

Begin your search this way. Even if you don’t come across any company articles, you will get some good ideas to help you get started. However, if you do find a company, you can choose a few Pinterest posts to show them your vision. Take a look at our Pinterest page here.

The Knot – and other great Magazines

Another great way to get inspiration is to browse top-rated wedding magazines. There are many great online blogs, such as The Knot. The Knot has lots of articles to help you with your big events. If you are looking for altar ideas, venues, or flowers, they’ve got it. The great thing about them: you can use their site to plan your day for free! Just sign-up to make an account, then start scrolling around.

Make sure to also read their well-curated articles too. Lots of great advice awaits you – try it out. It will help you feel more organized, and get you even more excited as you plan your wedding. You will also see a lot of flower wall tips and techniques. Check them out, and head over to our site afterwards to pick your favourite!


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Rent a Wedding Toronto Flower Wall: GTA and Hamilton

If you are looking to rent a wedding flower wall in Toronto or GTA, contact Floral Walls Canada. Call us at (647) 558-1664 or send a message to us at Our experienced team will help you get the best flower wall for your next event. We have lots of additional wedding décor as well. See our main website for all event rental opportunities – we want to make sure you are satisfied!


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