What is a Toronto Flower Wall Rentals?


Have you heard about a Toronto flower wall rentals, but do not know exactly what it is? Simply put, it is a Toronto flower wall backdrop with special artificial flowers. However, that wall is just a starting point for a stunning piece of event décor. Flower wall rentals in Toronto are taking the event world by storm and we think you should know all about them. So, book your Toronto flower wall rental today if you want to make our event the talk of the town!


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Toronto Flower Wall Rentals: How They Are Made?

The great thing about our flower wall rentals in Toronto is that they are all made by hand. In a world where so many production lines are automated, it is nice to have a product that is handmade. Ultimately, this allows every flower wall to have its own unique touch. Our flowers are special, as each one is lovingly crafted by a single person or team of humans. Plus, the flowers cater to our environment due to reusability. Take a closer look at our craft on our website.

The production of a Toronto flower wall décor starts by building a frame for the wall itself. The frame size is often 8 by 8 feet. This size allows the wall to be big enough for pictures and stand out at events while still remaining mobile. The frame is often made of lightweight material to, again, help with mobility. This is helpful because we service all of the GTA and Hamilton areas for our Toronto flower wall rental.

Once a frame for the Toronto flower wall backdrop is made, production on the panels begins. First, flower walls are often created in separate panels rather than one piece as it makes for much easier transportation. Then, each panel is made up of a plastic or wire grid to insert flowers. Rental companies often use plastic as it makes for easier assembly and disassembly. Finally, silk flowers are then placed in the openings of the grid and locked into place. This process continues until all of the panels that make up the flower wall are filled.


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Where they are Used?

Toronto flower walls for rent are most commonly used at personal and corporate special events. Weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, corporate parties, and trade shows are the most popular events for flower walls. These events often take place in a larger indoor or outdoor space. Event planners look to fill all these spaces with a focal point.

Flower walls do a great job of focusing attention on an important spot in a large area. This is why our Toronto flower wall rental is a great option for décor at your event.

How Toronto flower wall rentals are Used?

Flower wall rental in Toronto is used mainly for photography purposes. They create rare backgrounds that people want to stand in front of and get their picture taken.  Many people like having special backgrounds for their pictures as it helps their photos stand out. This is great on a personal level as well as a social one. A Toronto flower wall rental helps to achieve this.

Flower wall rentals in Toronto really stand out on social media as they first became popular when Kim Kardashian posted a picture in front of a flower wall at her wedding.  Since then, people have been renting and creating their own flower walls for social media posts. This is a huge reason why businesses love Toronto flower wall rentals as they help generate free publicity.


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Toronto Flower Wall Rentals

Now that you know all about flower wall rental in Toronto, you may be considering how you can rent one for your next event. You can contact Floral Walls Canada at (647) 558-1664 or floralwallscanada@gmail.com. Our experienced team will help you with all of your flower wall questions and needs.

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