For a winter wedding, flower backdrops in Toronto are a great choice. The winter months have long been neglected when it comes to weddings, however, you can bring your winter wedding to life with décor rentals including a Toronto flower wall backdrop rental!

Toronto Winter Wedding Flower Backdrops Rental: Consider us

Many people don’t consider winter when thinking about their wedding. They might be missing out! We have winter wedding flower backdrops in Toronto that will change your mind!

Planning winter weddings is much easier than any other season. Venues have more available dates at a lower cost compared to the other seasons. This is also the case for rental companies, as they are desperately trying to fill wedding rental dates. When you have a winter wedding, you won’t be constantly checking the weather.

Toronto Winter Wedding Flower Backdrops Rental

Your event will be indoors! Winter weddings also bring higher attendance rates as you don’t have to compete with vacations, events, and other weddings that your loved ones might be attending. Also, you won’t need to worry about those high temperatures messing up your hair, making you sweat or making people in attendance uncomfortable.

Winter wedding rentals in Toronto typically consist of darker colours that aren’t as bright as colours you would likely see at a spring or summer wedding. The darker colours provide a feeling of warmth from the cold weather outside. Also, flower bouquets are typically not as bright for winter weddings. Don’t let the lack of bright colours scare you: winter weddings can still have beautiful colour palettes.

Something else to consider is a flower backdrop rental that goes great with your wedding colour palette. Flower walls are a great piece of wedding décor as they create a beautiful backdrop and make for great pictures. Here are some winter wedding rentals in Toronto and fantastic colour themes.

Red and Green Combo with Toronto Winter Wedding Flower Backdrops Rental

Toronto Winter Wedding Flower Backdrops Rental

Red and green is a go-to colour combination in the winter months. They are Christmas colours: what many consider to be the happiest time of the year! So, why not use those same colours for one of the happiest days of your life? The red pops off the green (and potentially white) if you want to take some pictures outside. Roses would be an excellent choice for weddings as they are often remembered as romantic flowers.

All of the colours and themes come together for this colour palette and would be a great choice for your winter wedding. For this option, you might consider renting a red rose Affordable flower wall rental as a winter wedding rental in Toronto to help match your theme. The rose flower wall rental would work best if your wedding party’s attire is green, as red on red might be too much for you. If you want your wedding party in red, then a white flower wall rental would likely be your best choice.

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Toronto Burgundy and Blush

Toronto Winter Wedding Flower Backdrops Rental

Burgundy is a much darker red that you could use at your winter wedding. This shade of red offers warmth, and can help you avoid those Christmas colours. Pairing it with a lighter complimentary colour like blush is a great way to add some colour while still not being too bright. The pairing of burgundy and blush works great and will make for excellent formal selections for your wedding party.

Further, a pink flower wall is a can’t-miss opportunity for this colour palette and will make for great photos. Burgundy attire and blush bouquets look amazing in front of an pink affordable flower wall rental in Toronto and will help create so many amazing photos from your special day.

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Toronto Winter Wedding Flower Backdrops Rental – Copper and Green

This colour scheme works great in areas that typically get lots of snow during the winter months. Snow is a unique element for winter weddings, and you should embrace it! The snowy colours of white and green look very elegant when paired with copper. White flowers with their natural greenery and copper handle will make for beautiful wintery bouquets and centrepieces.

It all comes together to make wedding décor that embraces the season and adds grace to it all. If you want to go with a theme like this for your wedding, you should consider a mixed flower wall rental. This winter wedding rental in Toronto incorporates all of the colours at your wedding and will be an excellent backdrop.

So, have we convinced you? Rent winter wedding flower backdrops in Toronto with us now! If you are still unsure, call us to talk about winter wedding flower backdrops in Toronto today to discuss more themes and colour options!

Flower Backdrops Toronto: Rent with us

Since you are having a wedding in the winter, floral rental companies in Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, Hamilton and across the GTA will have more availability than they would during other times of the year. You should take advantage of this opportunity and check in with a Toronto flower wall company for all winter wedding flower backdrops in Toronto.

Floral Walls Canada is available to help with all of your winter wedding rental needs. You can contact us at (647) 558-1664 or Our team is standing by to help you with all of your winter wedding rentals in Toronto and the surrounding area.

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