COVID-19 took the world by storm in March of 2020, disrupting plans and events, including weddings. If you’ve been planning a wedding in Toronto during these uncertain times, you may be wondering if it’s still possible. While large-scale gatherings may not be feasible, there are still ways to have a memorable and safe Covid wedding in Toronto. By following recommended health precautions and staying updated on changing guidelines, you can adapt and create a special day that aligns with current restrictions. Explore our Toronto wedding rentals, including Toronto Wedding Rentals in Covid-19, to find solutions that fit your unique circumstances.

Check with Your Current Venue

You may have a wedding date set with a venue already. For this situation, we strongly recommend you reach out to the venue. They may have pre-emptively decided that they are closed for a set amount of time or are moving forward with weddings. All covid weddings in Toronto will also have to follow strict guidelines regarding wedding size and distancing. Hear them out and consider if you are ok to move forward with your wedding. You may want to postpone your covid wedding in Toronto. You may also need a bigger venue that allows for more guests while still following health guidelines. Here is a list of venues to look through while you make your decisions. 

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Move It Outside: Toronto Wedding Rentals in Covid-19

Outdoor settings have proved to be less volatile then indoor ones when it comes to the spreading of COVID-19. Many indoor settings have air conditioning that captures the air and recycles it around the room. They also offer less space to spread out and physically distance. For this reason, many covid weddings in Toronto have been moved outside. Many people are choosing to move forward with their weddings in outdoor parks or even their very own backyard. Take a look at the backyard wedding of one of our clients here. Outdoor does not mean physical distancing and proper sanitization measures should be forgotten. Outdoor settings simply allow for more space, more venue freedom, and reduced risk. Think about your options  for your covid wedding in Toronto and proceed with care!

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Virtual Guests – Toronto Wedding Rentals in Covid-19

Not all of your guests will be able to attend your covid wedding in Toronto due to personal health, travel, or large gathering restrictions. This does not mean that they cannot be at your wedding. We recommend setting up a video call on a platform such as Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams. This will allow people who cannot attend to still see what is happening at your wedding from the safety of their home. We recommend calling each person individually so that they can all download the proper software. Holding a video call with all members in virtual attendance a week or so before will allow you to test hosting large meetings. Getting someone in attendance who is computer savvy for your covid wedding in Toronto would be a great help on the day-of as well. 

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Wedding in Covid-19: Extra Precautions

However you choose to move forward with your wedding, you should still follow precautions for your covid wedding in Toronto. We highly recommend that all guests sanitize before entering, and wear a mask. This will greatly reduce the spread of germs at your wedding. If you want to take extra precaution, have all members attending your wedding take a COVID-19 test from their local testing facility. Then have each member self isolate until the time of the wedding.

Wedding Rentals in Toronto

We hope that you and all of your guests stay safe during the planning and execution of your wedding. If you are looking for any rentals for your covid wedding in Toronto, you can contact Floral Walls Canada or Events 365. Both of them will help you get set up with wedding décor rentals. All of their teams are committed to following the local health and safety guidelines when delivering your rentals. Below is their contact info.