Summer wedding décor rentals include floral backdrops in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and the GTA. Wedding décor in the summer includes a variety of ideas including pink blush flower wall backdrops and white champagne flower wall décor rentals in Toronto.

Toronto Summer Wedding Décor Rentals

Summer is one of the best times of year to get out and have some fun. Lots of sunlight, warmer temperatures, bright colours, and beautiful gardens. The best part: no school for the little ones! This makes it the perfect time for you to get your loved ones together and have a wedding. Not to mention all of the great wedding décor rentals in Toronto that are available. So many factors are working in your favour: so why not tie the knot?

Toronto Summer Wedding Décor Rentals

Summer is an amazing time of year to get married. There are so many options when it comes to picking colours for your wedding. Wedding décor rentals in Toronto, and décor rentals in Markham, Mississauga, and Brampton include our vibrant flower walls. Picking bold colours is a popular option for many summer décor rentals across the GTA.

Whatever colour you choose, we think you should consider renting a flower wall in Toronto to help out with your wedding décor. A Toronto flower wall rental is an excellent piece to have at a wedding. It allows for many great pictures and is a beautiful backdrop wherever you place it.

Here are some colour pallet ideas and summer wedding rentals in Toronto. Check them out for your summer wedding décor rentals.

Toronto summer wedding décor rentals-Beach Bash

Toronto Summer Wedding Décor Rentals

Beaches have always been linked to summer. So, we have some great summer wedding décor rentals for this theme! Off-white colours provide a great colour palette for your wedding. Also, you have many different shades of blue to work with depending on your personal preference. Once you have found the blue you want, it’s time to consider other beach colours to pair with it.

A beige for the sand, green for palm trees, and a light pink for seashells are all great options to add to your beach-themed wedding. Summer wedding rentals in Toronto you might consider for your beach wedding are our white flower wall. The white will allow your blue and secondary colours to pop.

Toronto summer wedding décor rentals-Floral Coral

Coral is another great colour choice. This shade of pink has an orange hue to it and looks great at summer weddings. Also, you can pair it with other shades of pink and green. Are you planning on taking advantage of the summer weather, and are having your reception outdoors?

In the sunset, this colour is incredible. If you pick coral as your main colour, you should consider a pink flower wall rental or a mixed flower wall rental. Both of these summer wedding rentals in Toronto will look beautiful at your wedding and help create beautiful photos.

Toronto summer wedding décor rentals- Purple Passion

Toronto Summer Wedding Décor Rentals

This lavender Toronto flower wall rental theme takes full advantage of the vibrant colours and ambience that summer has to offer. Purple is a colour that has long been associated with royalty, and serves as a great primary colour for your wedding. You might compliment purple with an assortment of fuchsia and red to help add depth to the purple.

Another great choice would be the colour yellow! It can represent the sun at your summer wedding, and pop off the purple. If you rent a purple flower wall in Toronto, it will be a beautiful backdrop for your summer wedding. Follow up with us if you think this summer wedding décor rental is the right fit for you.

Summer Wedding Décor Rentals: Rent with us

Once you have selected your summer wedding colours and want to start adding to your wedding décor, you should contact us at Floral Walls Canada. We are a Toronto flower wall rental company that can provide you with stunning flower walls for your special day. We also have additional summer wedding décor rentals for your satisfaction. You can contact us at (647) 558 -1664 or Our team will be more than happy to help you choose from all of our summer wedding rentals in Toronto for your big day.

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