Toronto Flower Walls for Gender Reveal

Toronto Flower Walls Gender Reveal Decor is the perfect choice for adding a touch of elegance and excitement to your gender reveal event in Toronto. Toronto Flower Walls Gender Reveal Decor understands the significance of this special moment for expecting parents and recognizes the importance of creating a memorable and enchanting atmosphere.

Many parents are now choosing to throw gender reveal parties as they have become very popular over the past few years. These parties are all about revealing the gender of the baby to the other spouse, family and friends. Event décor is often baby blue and pink as the mother wants to keep her guests guessing. Flower walls make for great additions to any gender reveal party.

They will create an excellent backdrop for your event and help your guests get even more excited about the reveal. Because of this, we have great flower walls for gender reveal décor in Toronto.

Using Toronto Flower Walls Gender Reveal Decor

Flower walls are great at gender reveal parties in Toronto because they provide such a beautiful background for all of your activities. Gender reveal parties can have a variety of different games and activities leading up to the main event of the party: the gender reveal. Couples have gotten very creative with their gender reveals. Everything from balloons, baseballs, cakes, confetti cannons, and everything in between has been used to reveal gender.

Just make sure you have the cameras rolling as it will make for some great memories … and we love watching any potential fails you might upload to YouTube! While you have the cameras out, be sure to take some pictures in front of your flower wall. Consider taking pictures with your guests before and after the reveal. This way you have a nice photo of you together, and one of you celebrating the gender for your memories.

Rent our special flower walls gender reveals décor in Toronto today for a memorable event!

Green Wall Boxwood - Toronto Flower Walls Gender Reveal Décor

Which Toronto Flower Wall Should You Use?

The best flower walls for gender reveal parties are the ones with neutral colours as you want to keep everyone guessing. With that in mind, the green boxwood flower wall and the white champagne flower wall are the best choices. Green and white are both very gender-neutral colours and will feel appropriate before and after the reveal. These colours will also do a great job of complimenting your baby blues and pinks.

You should also consider decorating your wall with lettering. You can order your flower wall with a gender-neutral phrase on it such as “Oh Baby”. If you really want to get creative, you can create your own sign, such as “Its a Girl”, and put it on your flower wall after the reveal. Again, our flower walls gender reveal will make all of this happen!

Pink Flower Wall - Toronto Flower Walls Gender Reveal Décor

Flower Walls Gender Reveal Decor Toronto: Rent with Us

Now that you know about our special flower walls gender reveal decor in Toronto, it’s time to figure out where you can rent one. For all of your flower wall rental needs in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area, contact Floral Walls Canada. If you are looking for immediate service, please call us at (647) 558-1664. You can also contact us at and we will respond to you ASAP. Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have and arrange your flower wall reservations.


Balloon Decor Service

If you are interested in taking your gender reveal to the next level, follow some of these suggestions! Once you have a flower wall for your party, contact Balloons Bash. Balloons are a great way to compliment a flower wall and you can get arrangements in any colour you prefer. We also have both baby blue and pink.

Another great way to celebrate your special moment: incorporate our photo booth special to make some lasting memories! We have so many specials when it comes to our theme of flower walls and gender reveals décor!