Toronto Flower Wall Corporate Rentals

Flower wall backdrops are a great way to add flare to your corporate event as a party rental. Toronto Flower Wall Corporate Rentals offers a wide selection of flower wall backdrops that are perfect for adding flare to your corporate event as a party rental. There are many types of flower wall backdrops in Toronto that may be suitable for your corporate event rental. A flower wall backdrop from Toronto Flower Wall Corporate Rentals will help you get all of your employees together and celebrate. They are great ways to boost staff morale, network, and build a positive company culture.

All of this is true … as long as your employees actually want to be there! When people think of parties, they think about having fun. At corporate parties, people may be a little tense. However, we’ve got a way to loosen people up a little. Flower wall corporate rentals in Toronto are a great way to build an exciting atmosphere. With us, your employees will want to be at your party! One of the best corporate party rentals in Toronto and the GTA is a flower wall from Floral Walls Canada.

Let us convince you why!

Our most Popular Wall: Green boxwood

There are a lot of great flower walls out there that make for great party rentals in Toronto, but our green boxwood flower wall is the most popular option. This flower wall is beautiful and simple. It resembles a natural hedge wall that fits with any space. You can order the green boxwood flower wall as is, or add blush and white roses on top (our green high tea rental is a favorite!).

Also, you can add custom lettering of your company logo to the flower wall. Adding your company logo is a great way to let your employees know that the company is committed to them (and this party!). Consider adding additional lettering to include a message to your employees.

The lettering is fully customizable, so you can congratulate your team on accomplished goals, wish them a happy holiday, or do anything you like. The green boxwood flower wall is truly the best corporate party rental in Toronto for corporate events.


Green Boxwood Wall - Toronto Flower Wall Corporate Rentals

Placing Your Flower Wall in Toronto

Flower walls are great to use as backdrops at your corporate events. You should place your flower wall in a high-volume area. Places such as a stage, food tables, or entranceways are great places to put a flower wall. These areas ensure that your guests will get to see the flower wall all night long. Make sure to grab your flower wall corporate rentals in Toronto for your next event today!


Flower Wall - Toronto Flower Wall Corporate Rentals

Using Your Toronto Flower Wall

Many people will want to take pictures in front of the flower wall. This is great! You should encourage all employees to get together and take photos. Consider placing our photo booth with the flower wall to help incentivize pictures. Regardless, of whether you have a photo booth or not, photos in front of your flower wall in Toronto will look amazing.

Further, place some of these photos on your social media pages and websites to help show off your company culture. This will help people remember the great time they had together. It will also promote your company as a place that cares for its employees. This is another great reason why flower walls make for great corporate party rentals in Toronto!

Flower Wall Corporate Rentals in Toronto: Rent with Us

Photo Booth


Now that you know how a flower wall can add to your corporate party, it’s time to figure out where you can rent one. For all your corporate party rentals in Toronto and the surrounding area, contact Floral Walls Canada. If you are looking for service ASAP, you can call us at 647-558-1664.

You can also email us at and we will respond to you as soon as possible. We have an experienced team who is ready to help you plan an amazing corporate party.

We mentioned photo booths earlier in the article, if you would like to pursue a photo booth, please contact Event Booth. They have been featured in “the knot” and have award-winning service.