Toronto Flower Wall Rentals for Weddings

Anyone who has lived through a Canadian winter knows that it can be brutal at times. If you’re considering Toronto Flower Wall Rentals for weddings, choose colours and flower wall backdrop rentals that suit the theme. Freezing cold temperatures and large piles of snow can really test your nerves during certain parts of the winter. When the snow starts to melt and the temperature starts to rise, it is a beautiful time.

However, spring signifies new beginnings and is the perfect setting for 2 people starting their new lives together. Plenty of engaged couples target a spring wedding for the beautiful weather and symbolic meanings. Event companies have prepared for this and have several spring wedding rentals in Toronto available for you.

We want to give you some help with possible wedding colours and flower backdrop rentals that you could use for your spring wedding rentals in Toronto. Spring weddings often use softer colours as it fits in very nicely with spring’s gentle atmosphere. Spring offers many natural flowers.

However, you should consider renting flower backdrops. They create unique opportunities at your wedding! Finding the right spring wedding rentals in Toronto can be hard if you decide that you want a flower wall at your wedding. Here are some spring wedding rentals in Toronto to complement those themes.

Don’t Forget the Pinks in Toronto

Toronto Spring Wedding Colours and Flower Rentals

Pink is a colour that compliments itself very well and you shouldn’t be afraid to make pink the focal point of your wedding. With so many bright and blush colours of pink to choose from, you can create a mix of pink that comes together very well.

A pink flower wall would help put your wedding décor over the top. When you rent a pink flower wall with your spring wedding rentals in Toronto, it will compliment many colours in all of those amazing pictures you are going to take.

Natural Greenery in Toronto Wedding

You may be looking for a more natural colour scheme for your wedding. Keeping it simple with your wedding colours can create a beautiful and easy-to-understand theme. Greenery allows your wedding to have a natural elegance while still allowing you to add a colour that helps make it your own. So, consider using a colour that is special to you and your partner.


Toronto Spring Wedding Colours and Flower Rentals


If you can’t think of a colour, consider choosing a light blue, pink or lavender to compliment the lighter colours of spring. Mixed flower wall rentals look incredible with this theme, and will seamlessly fit with your wedding décor when it comes to spring wedding rentals in Toronto.

Toronto Flower Wall Rentals for Weddings – Denim

Denim might be an everyday piece of clothing for you. However, your wedding day is a chance for you to elevate the colours of your favourite clothes. Denim is a unique option when it comes to spring wedding rentals in Toronto. Using light blues to represent faded denim paired with navy to represent the more traditional denim colours works great for spring weddings.

You get those lighter spring colours and are creating a nice contrast with the darker blue. If you choose to go with a denim colour theme for your spring wedding rentals in Toronto, we recommend a white flower wall. Using a white flower wall rental often looks best in pictures as it allows your wedding party blues to pop.

Toronto Flower Wall Rentals for Weddings: Spring into Action

Once you have decided on a colour for your wedding, contact Floral Walls Canada about Spring wedding rentals in Toronto and the GTHA. We are a top flower company that is ready to help you on your special day. You can contact us at or (647) 558-1664. Our team will be more than happy to help you find the perfect floral backdrop for your wedding.

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