Are you looking to create a tasteful yet stunning backdrop for your special event without breaking the bank? Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, wedding, bridal shower, or a corporate event in Toronto, Mississauga, or Brampton, the Toronto flower wall company has your answer. Discover how to DIY a Toronto champagne flower wall to impress your guests at your next event.

Flower Wall Company – Toronto

Our Toronto flower wall company are handmade, and ready for assembling at your party whether it is in Toronto, Mississauga, or Brampton. We use artfully crafted flowers that our team makes by hand. Plus, the flowers are made up of silk and paper. The are both versatile and long-lasting. Also, they come in variety of colours ranging from red, pink, white, champagne, blush, and more.

Our most popular flower wall is the Toronto affordable flower wall, which is a must-have for any event, whether it is a business grand opening in Mississauga or a community event in Brampton. People will remember it for a long time and associate the beautiful décor with you and your brand! Further, this flower wall in Toronto is the most “in” right now. If you want to keep up with what’s trending, make this wall. Also, assembling it yourself will make you proud, and your friends will want to copy you at their next event! After reading this article, you will be ready to make a Toronto affordable flower wall that will amaze your friends and family. So, get started with the first step: look at our selection of rent flower walls!


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First, scroll through our website to inspire yourself: take a look at our Toronto affordable flower wall to imagine the final look of your DIY wall. Remember, we handcraft each flower individually before assembling the final product. You will need to do the same. 

The champagne flower wall we make for Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton clients is often sized at 8 by 8 feet. We recommend using a lightweight material to create a frame this size. You can be creative and use a large cardboard backdrop, or even a clothing rack (budget-friendly and has wheels for easy handling). If you prefer to make your flower wall even bigger, use open wall space and apply your flowers with easily removable tape.

Flower Wall Company – Toronto

Pink Flower Wall – Toronto

Next, you will need to place panels into the frame. If you use cardboard for your affordable flower wall in Toronto, you can skip this step. Either plastic or wire grid panels will help you assemble the final product. For each panel on your Toronto flower wall, you will need 24 affordable flowers in Toronto. Finally, place each flower on to the panel, and tie it into place with some string or hot glue.

After you have assembled your panels, bring both your frame and panels to your event in Toronto, Mississauga, or Brampton. Get to your location early to begin setting up your champagne flower wall. To help you out, get a friend to make the process fun and simple. Once you are finished, pick a spot where the flower wall becomes a focal point. You will be amazed by how great your Toronto champagne flower wall looks. Everyone will take pictures with it. Check out our photobooth special to pair with your wall!


Bring your Event in a New Look

Whether your event is in Toronto, Mississauga, or Brampton, your flower champagne wall will be memorable for all guests. Everyone will be super impressed that you DIY’d it yourself using this simple guide! To take it a step further, think about adding our champagne shelf to your event to make it even more thematic. A nice, neutral champagne colour scheme will set a professional yet relaxed look, while a champagne shelf with champagne of your choice will remind your guests to have fun. Take a look at our champagne shelf here.

If you want some more tips on making a DIY affordable flower wall, or additional information for any of our products, make sure to contact affordable flower Wall in Canada at (647) 558-1664 or email the team at We are a top-rated Toronto flower wall rental, and are happy to answer any of your questions about flower walls.