Are you looking to do something different with your Toronto birthday décor rentals this year? Celebrating a milestone birthday like your sweet sixteen or hoping to break away from the usual? Consider our Toronto Balloon Décor Service to elevate your party to the next level!

GTA: Toronto Birthday Décor Rentals

Birthdays are a time of year where you can get all of your loved ones together and celebrate. You might choose to do something totally crazy that you have always wanted to do, or you might just enjoy a nice dinner at your favourite restaurant as usual. Whatever you pick, you are probably going to have a party at some point. We have some great birthday rentals in Toronto and the GTA to help you celebrate in style. Wondering how to decorate for your party? Take a look at these Toronto birthday décor rentals tips for your next event!

Balloons: Toronto Balloon Décor Service

Balloon Decor

Balloons are a classic birthday rental in Toronto. You may be tired of the “balloon on a string” visual, or think it is childish. Balloons Bash is a balloon rental company in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area that has created a variety of stunning arrangements that are fresh and unique. Their balloon full and half arch are their most popular arrangements. Each allows you to select up to 4 balloon colours within a garland. They can be free standing or attached to a surface depending on your party’s needs. We highly recommend you check out both of these displays as they are great birthday décor rentals in Toronto.

Photo Booth Rentals: Toronto Balloon Décor Service

Mom & Daughter - Toronto Balloon Décor Service

Photo booths are a sure-fire way to generate smiles and laughter at your birthday party. They will allow you to take a bunch of photos with everyone at your party. Everyone will be able to have proof of a great event. Our photo booth rental company brings a variety of fun props that allow you to create unique memories. All of the photos are free to you and allow for amazing sharing opportunities. Take a look at our items: you’ll be impressed with our Toronto birthday décor rentals!

Toronto Flower Walls Rentals: Great for an Event

ROSS - Toronto Balloon Décor Service

Flower walls are beautiful Toronto birthday décor rentals that are perfect for a young girl’s birthday party. They come in a variety of colours using several different flower types and arrangements. They make for great backdrops behind your birthday girl as they sit and enjoy their birthday. Flower walls typically let you add custom lettering to the wall, allowing you to add a sweet happy birthday message. Flower walls are definitely the ultimate birthday décor rental in Toronto this season. Check them out here.

Toronto Marquee Letters for Ambience

Marquee letters are a great way to light up your birthday party. Many people choose to order the birthday boy/girl’s age or name in marquee letters. This is a great way of making them feel like they are the focus of the party. Marquee letters typically stand around 4 feet tall and can be placed anywhere at your party. Another great Toronto birthday décor rental item!

Toronto Birthday Décor Rentals

If you are interested in adding any of these Toronto birthday décor rentals to your birthday party, we have created a list of the best rental companies. All of these rental companies provide birthday rentals in Toronto and the GTA. Check out their contact info below:

Balloons Bash (Balloon Décor) 

Phone: (647) 360-3238


Event Booth (Photo Booth)

Phone: (647) 693-7723


Floral Walls Canada (Flower Walls)

Phone: (647) 558-1664


Marquee Lettering (Marquee Letters)

Phone: (647) 797-0032