With the many venues for weddings that Stoney Creek has to offer, it really is a beautiful wedding haven! If you are someone who wants a wedding here, read this article. We will list some places and match it with our Stoney Creek flower wall rental for weddings to get you started with planning your big day.

Stoney Creek: Flower Walls and Wedding Venues

Whether you are local folk, or someone looking to plan a wedding in Stoney Creek, read this. Stoney Creek is full of history and offers local parks and venues that will blow your mind. For example, Battlefield Park and Fieldcote Memorial Park parade the beautiful foliage Stoney Creek has to offer. These places boast the beauty of having a wedding in the fall.

With the red, yellow, and orange foliage, our Stoney Creek flower walls rental provides a stunning background for any wedding party. If you want to feel the love, we suggest you browse our selection of flower walls. If you aren’t convinced yet, keep reading this article to see how our Stoney Creek flower wall for rent can transform your entire day!

From different parks to popular venues, our Stoney Creek flower walls for rent can match any setting there is. Are you getting married in one of these places, and don’t know how to decorate? We’ve got you covered.

1. Battlefield Park

Are you a history buff? Love anything that has to do with heritage? Battlefield Park is the wedding venue for you. At this location, you will be reminded of the rich history of Stoney Creek. Here, there are reenactments of the Battle of Stoney Creek, options for group photography, and guided tours. These are all great tourist attractions. However, for weddings, they have got all you need.

A pavilion, a cellar, a stable, or a coach house are just some of the venues they offer. This place is rustic and vintage combined into one. Plus, the symbolism of having a wedding here is unmatched. If you are having your ceremony here, we recommend putting up a classic wedding-esque white flower wall. As a part of our Stoney Creek flower walls rentals, this backdrop is traditional in its simple white with champagne tones.

White Stoney Creek flower wall rental

2. Fieldcote Memorial Park

Next, we have another historical location. Fieldcote Memorial Park is another gorgeous venue when it comes to marriage ceremonies. Here, we emphasize the history of Ancaster. As a town with potential from the very beginning, Ancaster has seen amazing growth over the past decades. Additionally, this place is culturally significant with stories and artifacts that show the lives of our Ancaster ancestors.

If you are someone connected with someone who lived in Ancaster a great while back, this place is a must-have for your wedding day. The grounds are beautiful, with different space options for a marriage ceremony. At this location, we recommend their lovely gardens for a nice garden wedding party. Of course, with a garden party, you will need to see our selection of green boxwood walls – a great choice when it comes to our Stoney Creek flower wall rental!

Stoney Creek flower wall rental-green boxwood decor

3. Winona Vine Estates

Finally, the Winona Vine Estates have an unbelievably gorgeous look when it comes to weddings and reception parties. This classic, yet very popular location is a favourite for weddings. The building itself is very large, with multiple acres of outdoor space. Imagine saying your vows in a lovely garden space, then heading into a finely set reception area where all your guests wait for you to walk through the doors for that “just-married” entrance!

With this location, you will be able to do this! Further, at Winona Vine Estates, we say that our red rose flower wall is the piece of décor that will add to the romance of the estate. Browse our Stoney Creek flower wall for rent today to see if you agree!

Red rose Stoney Creek flower wall rental

Stoney Creek Flower Walls: Rent with us

If you like our selection of Stoney Creek flower walls for rent at weddings, be sure to reach out to us. You can call us anytime at 647-558-1664 for quick reservations and booking, or email us with questions using our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you soon!