Rent flower wall in Toronto available offer a variety of flower wall event décor to fit into any ceremony or celebration you have planned. Whether you are celebrating a wedding, anniversary, baby shower, or graduation, we have got you covered. With the energetic, social environment Toronto offers, our Toronto flower walls are rapidly increasing in popularity. With our Toronto flower walls, the possibilities for creative and imaginative set-ups are endless.

Take the time to check out all the flower wall event décor backdrops in Toronto we offer. Choose between our green boxwoods and green boxwood flower walls in Toronto. Peruse our green high tea Toronto flower walls, or our wedding arches. Whatever it is, you will be in awe of all the décor possibilities! With our selections, your upcoming Toronto celebration is sure to dazzle eyes and warm hearts.

For you, then, we’ve come up with some event inspiration. You may want one of our Toronto flower walls. However, you are unsure of the how, what, why, and where. We’ve written this helpful guide to get you started.

1. Babies and Birthday Bashes-Rent Flower Wall Toronto

When we say we have Toronto flower walls for all, we mean it! Our walls are 8 by 8 feet of versatility! We can arrange sizing and colours with you in one quick booking and reservation. Our walls can be used for baby showers, baby births, and even religious ceremonies after a new birth. On the other hand, our walls can be used for birthdays for all ages.

If you have a bouncing baby about to turn one, look no further. Use our Toronto  green boxwood wall to start your set-up. The natural green is reminiscent of nature and life. It is perfect for a young child’s birthday. Also, if you are in the search for something good for a baby shower – the same applies. This wall will be a beautiful symbol at your event.

green flower walls-Rent Flower Wall Toronto

On the other hand, you may have a baby who is turning 16 or 18 in the upcoming weeks. For these young ones, check out our full selection for more options!

2. Graduations and Memorable Achievements

Congratulations! You have just achieved one of the greatest things in your life. We recommend you celebrate it. If you are the parent of a young graduate, you must grab one of our Toronto flower walls. We guarantee this wall is as big as your son or daughter’s goals in life. Further, this is a milestone you want to remember. Having one of our walls will ensure that everyone has got pictures in their phones.

Also, the best thing about a wall is that it is great for sharing. Pitch in with your community for a wall for your cohort of graduates. Surprise them all at the school’s ceremony. Better yet, suggest a Toronto flower wall to your graduate’s alma mater. Remember, school colours will be great for a graduation event – take a look at our selection here.

green Rent Flower Wall Toronto

3. Weddings and Anniversaries

It looks like your loved one was just born yesterday. You watched them grow through all their birthdays, graduations, and major life events. Well, it looks like the next big thing has come up. Your son or daughter’s partner has told you they are going to propose, and they want your help in planning it. What will you do? Well, we know.

You are going to rent a wall from our selection of Toronto flower walls. Our walls, especially our red rose flower wall, will help create a beautiful moment between a loving couple. Plus, you can pair the wall with balloons decor service in Toronto and marquee lettering to make the gesture even more romantic. That is the good thing about our flower walls – they go great with tons of décor!

green Rent Flower Wall Toronto-red flower backdrop

Rent Flower Wall Toronto : Rent with us

If you like our selection of Toronto flower walls, be sure to reach out to us. You can call us anytime at 647-558-1664 for quick reservations and booking, or email us with questions using our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you soon!