Flower Wall Rental: Green Boxwood Flower Wall in Toronto

The green boxwood flower wall has become one of the most popular options on the market for special events. It is a popular backdrop that changes any environment it enters. It is both beautiful and versatile. The Toronto Flower Walls Company is an all-in-one flower wall rental in Toronto.

For anybody looking to add beautiful décor to their event, look no further. These walls are extremely beautiful and offer so many different options to make them fit for any event. Check out all the advantages of flower wall rental with us.

Natural Look

Toronto flower wall rental Green boxwood wall rentals do a good job of toeing the line between real and fake. They have a natural green beauty to them and look great when complimented with flowers. Traditional flower walls are very flamboyant and can look out of place in certain situations. With the green boxwood wall, this is not an issue. You can adapt any wall to make it look in place.

Also, growing flowers directly out of a wall is not a natural process. It would take a lot of manipulation to achieve! Whereas, hedge walls are very common as they are seen in lots of estates or public gardens. This makes the boxwood flower wall rental in Toronto a great choice. Especially if you want to add a big décor piece that is believable and has some flash to it.

Below, you can see one of our client’s customization. The selected flowers with the green boxwood really amp up any space it is in! Check out our different green boxwood styles: we have a series of flower wall rentals on our site!

Logos and Lettering

Toronto flower wall rental The green boxwood flower wall has the best options in terms of adding your lettering and logos. The lettering and logos you may want will look better on a green boxwood wall than on any other flower wall. The hedge wall offers a very neutral background that allows your message to come across clearly to your guests.

This is one of the reasons that the green boxwood wall has become so popular for corporate events. Additionally, we have marquee lettering that will also pair well next to this flower wall rental in Toronto. If you don’t want lettering directly on your wall, but still want to add a message beside your wall, check us out here!

Toronto Flower Walls Company – Suitable for Any Event

The green boxwood flower wall rental in Toronto has become so popular because it can be used at any event. White flower walls are beautiful, but you might be taken aback if you see them in a setting outside of a wedding. The green boxwood wall does not suffer from this issue, as you can dress it up or dress it down as much as you like.

If you want the wall to be beautiful itself you can add flowers or lettering to it. Whereas, if you want the wall to be a bit more subdued so you can let your other event décor shine, you can do that! This versatility and natural colouring allow the green boxwood wall, along with all our flower wall rentals in Toronto, to shine at any event.

Toronto flower wall rental

Toronto Flower Walls Company: Getting a Green Boxwood

Now that you know why green boxwood flower walls are so popular, you might be wondering where you can rent one. For all your flower wall rental needs in the Hamilton area, you can contact Floral Walls Canada at (647) 558-1664 or floralwallscanada@gmail.com. Our experienced team is standing by to answer all of your questions.

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