Looking for a venue to match your North York flower wall rentals with? Overwhelmed with the amount of options? Read this article to see some great spaces for your upcoming wedding ceremony!

Venues and Spaces

In our opinion, the trendiest places for a wedding ceremony these days call for some old-fashioned elegance. With the growing popularity of the “vintage”, we think that these two mansions have qualities that you will love. So, we have compiled some of the best perks each venue has to offer.

After you read through these venue options, make sure you choose which one is better for you! After, scroll down to see how some of our North York flower wall for rent can amp up your manor wedding.

1. The Parkview Manor

Wow. This is the word that comes to mind when you scroll through Parkview Manor’s extensive gallery. If you are looking for something all-inclusive, look no further. This venue offers many services for the full wedding day. If you are a stressed-out bride or groom (like me), you have to book with this place.

They will take care of it all. First, you’ll get an event specialist assigned to you. And yes, I can hear you breathe a sigh of relief through the screen. They will do everything and anything that needs to be done. Also, they are very flexible with external vendors.

They put their clients first, so if you have a vendor (like us!) that you love, you have full freedom to use them. Finally, the manor is an unbelievably gorgeous location with chandeliers and flowers dripping everywhere. Check them out now!

2. Graydon Hall Manor

Next up, we have another manor that has the same wow factor as the Parkview. This is a place bustling with history. In fact, their site includes an interactive timeline that tells you the development of the building throughout the years. Graydon Hall Manor is a castle-esque mansion with stunning architectural features.

Are you someone who appreciates landscapes and architecture? You must check out their About page to get a sense of the skill it took to build this place! This venue offers beauty, elegance, and class. Additionally, there is a top chef, with a lovely selection of food included in their menus.

You can also do something new for your reception party, and indulge in the many activities offered by the place. Plus, you can get stunning photographs of the wedding party, whether you want them indoors or outdoors. Check them out today!

Rent a North York Flower Wall: Décor Options

1. North York Flower Wall

Our North York flower wall rentals collection is wide with variety. Included in our selection is: the mixed flower wall, the purple lavender wall, the white flower wall, and much more. Our walls our colourful, and customizable. In fact, you can check out our red rose flower wall down below to see the mesmerizing silk flowers come together to create this romantic backdrop:

Marry Me-North York Flower Wall Rentals


2. Flower Drapes (and Ring!)

Among our collection of North York flower wall for rent, we also have additional décor items that you will love. We have both a white drape enchantment wall and a mixed flower ring. Both items are perfect for engagement photos and are offered at great prices. If you like something subtle when it comes to décor, these options will give you the look you are going for. Check the rentals below to see if they intrigue you!

Backdrop North York Flower Wall Rentals

3. Flower Arch

When it comes to flower arches, we have two main options as a part of our North York flower wall rental collection. Both the Victorian flower arch and the Meadow flower arch are lovely wedding rentals for any venue and space. Plus, the gorgeous arches are also offered drape-less for a more flowery look. Just let our team know your preference! Check this arch out below:

North York Flower Wall Rentals meadow archway

North York Flower Wall: Book with us

If you like our selection of renting a North York flower wall, be sure to reach out to us. You can call us anytime at 647-558-1664 for quick reservations and booking, or email us with questions using our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you soon!