We have stunning Niagara Falls flower wall backdrop for you. Do you live in Niagara Falls? Need an amazing piece of event décor for your upcoming baby shower? Check out this article to see how a white champagne flower backdrop Niagara Falls will give your event the shimmer it needs.

Niagara Fall Flower Wall Backdrop: Bridal Showers

At Floral Walls Canada, we believe event décor exceeds its role as a piece of furnishing. We believe that our flower walls go above and beyond to make your event gain the ambience it needs to change your life for a day or a night. It is our goal to make event décor that lifts your mood, and creates a comfortable and exciting environment. We want you and your guests to have the time of their lives, so it is our opinion that you are going to need a white champagne flower backdrop Niagara Falls for your bridal shower. As a bride, you deserve to feel special. As the bridesmaids, you want to make your bride feel like the only girl in the world. So, hurry up and grab your white flower wall backdrop at Niagara Fall today to start planning some of the ideas we’ve got here for you!

Some Inspo:

When it comes to our products, we are ready with great advice to show you how flower walls can change an entire event. For this article, we want to highlight our white affordable flower backdrop. With this wall, there are a multitude of activities that can be achieved for your big event. So, take a look at this list to start planning!

1. An Interactive White Flower Wall Backdrop

The white affordable flower backdrop is an interactive wall that will elevate your event in different ways. As you plan activities for your bridal shower, take note of some of these two ideas you can incorporate as well. First, place a chair in front of the white rental flower backdrop. Then, ask your friends and family to grab a piece of paper, and write their favourite memory with you. Put all the papers in a hat and shuffle them. Now, pick one paper at a time, and read them out loud. Try to guess who wrote what, and get someone to take a picture of you reading them all! Second, use your wall as a place to stick a timeline of your photos. Then, have everyone go up to the wall ang guess your age over the years!


2. Create a themed Bridal Shower

When it comes to our Niagara Falls Flower Wall Backdrop, the colour of our silk flowers are unique neutral tones of champagne. Take advantage of this by throwing a champagne-toned party! it is the trending colour of the season for all events, and never goes wrong as an elegant party colour. See why it is such a popular colour here!


3. The Classic Photo-Op

Next, use your flower wall backdrop Niagara Falls for a classic event activity: taking photos! Make your wall the focal point of the party where guests can take some great pics with the bride-to-be. Check out our Photo Booth Special at Niagara Falls for good quality pics and great props for a good time!


4. Karaoke Night

Finally, use your white red flower backdrop at Niagara Falls as a stage! This is your bridal shower: a night to go wild with your closest friends. So, set-up your karaoke machine, and sing your heart out while your friends take videos of you looking like a rockstar in front of your white champagne backdrop!

Niagara Falls Flower Wall Backdrop: Book with us

Get your flower backdrop in Niagara Falls now from Floral Walls Canada. We ensure the best price and quality when it comes to your upcoming wedding ceremony. Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals will assist you every step of the way with your white flower backdrop at Niagara Falls rental. We love bridal showers, and promise to give you a special day! Use the contact information below to call us now, or send a quick message for any question you might have. We are here to help!