Newmarket Flower Wall Rentals

Interested in renting great décor items in Newmarket? Want your party or event to be the most memorable function of the season? Browse our selection of Newmarket flower wall rentals today to see how this décor item can make your party go from good to great!

Newmarket Flower Wall For Rent: Options

A Newmarket flower wall rentals is a great option for your décor item for several reasons. This backdrop will fit with any type of event you are holding in Newmarket: weddings, birthdays, and even graduations. If you are going for something a little more casual like a picnic or house party, this wall will be great.

We have a wide selection of colours that we have specifically curated according to research. Our selection includes the most sought after colours, and is made up of handmade silk flowers. We love our craft, and we love to make event dreams come true. So, don’t hesitate to scroll below to find the perfect flower wall fit for you!

Newmarket Mixed Flower Walls

PROM-Newmarket flower wall rentals

Among our Newmarket flower wall for rent collection, we have the mixed flower wall. Having that last minute summer event? Rent Newmarket flower wall now to make a final splash before those cold winter days. This summery and floral backdrop is perfect for pool parties, backyard barbeques, and outdoor house parties.


Make some memories with friends and family while you pose in front of this Newmarket flower wall rental. For additional décor ideas, pair this wall with a balloon arch to make the kids happy! The added decoration will blow your mind, as our balloon arches elevate all our Newmarket flower wall for rent. Book with us today to find out for yourself!

Lavender Flower Wall in Newmarket

Lavender Newmarket flower wall rentals

Second, the purple lavender flower wall is a highly underrated backdrop when it comes to event décor. However, we want to show off its versatile nature. This Newmarket flower wall is carefully crafted with individual purple-lavender silk flowers. It includes various pops of pinkish-red roses and optional greenery.

If you are having a last minute party before winter rolls in, this wall colour blends summer and fall together in a mesmerizing way. This wall is a lovely option for bridal showers, baby showers, and young children’s birthdays. It is a perfect background for all and any event. When you pose in front of it, you and your friends will feel like the stars of the show. Rent it now to find out how it can transform your event!

Newmarket Green Boxwood Flower Wall

Mix Newmarket flower wall rentals

Finally, we have an unbeatable affordable flower wall for rent in Newmarket. Our green boxwood flower wall in Newmarket is a mass favourite among our clients and all their guests. This wall speaks to nature. It is reminiscent of a spring day, with deep borealis green colours and optional mixed flower décor. This sturdy boxwood stands tall at a 8 by 8 feet, with additional extension as required.

In the past, this wall has been used for weddings, corporate events, tea parties, and birthdays. This wall is a stunning backdrop for anyone looking for stand-out décor items. Like the mixed flower wall for rent in Newmarket, this backdrop will transform your event from a casual spring day to a magical wonderland.

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If you like our selection of Newmarket flower wall for rent, be sure to reach out to us. You can call us anytime at 647-558-1664 for quick reservations and booking, or email us with questions using our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Already selected your flower wall? Browse our main website here to check out more products for all your décor needs. Pair your wall with our photo booth special, or add a balloon arch. We have it all!