Creating a silk flower wall in Toronto for yourself is a very rewarding experience. You get to have a beautiful piece of event décor and the satisfaction that you built it yourself. The best part about building a silk flower wall yourself is that you get to control all aspects of your creation. The panel sizing, flower type, flower colours, patterns, and foundation are all yours to control. It’s also a great way of keeping within your budget.

Flower walls in Toronto can get expensive depending on the size of the wall, personalization, and delivery charges. If you are able to find time to build a silk flower wall yourself, you will be ready to impress at all of your events. Take a look at our guide below to help you with your silk flower wall in Toronto.

Silk Flower Wall Toronto: How to make it

Pink Flowers


-Foam Board(s)

-Flower Heads (Amount depends on the size of board and head)

-Glue Gun

-Glue Gun Sticks

-Scissors or Pliers

-Duct tape (only if you have multiple boards)

Foam Board

To start this process of making a silk flower wall in Toronto, you should gather all the materials in one place. Then, you need to identify how large you want your silk flower wall in Toronto to be. This will greatly help you search for a foam board knowing what size you are looking for. Michaels, Dollar Tree, and Home Depot are great places to start looking for a foam board. Here are some links to potential products:

-Michaels Foam Board

-Dollar Tree Foam Board

-Home Depot Multipurpose Foam

Silk Flowers

How to make a Toronto Silk Flower wall

Once you have your board picked out, you can begin getting some flowers for your silk flower wall in Toronto. You are going to need lots of these flowers to fill up your boards, so finding a store with a cheap price point is very crucial to this process. First, check if you have a local flower store in your area that has cheap silk flowers so you can support a local business.

If you can’t find any from a local store, check out Dollar Tree or Both of these places allow you to get tons of flower heads for your flower wall at an affordable price. If you find some flowers at Dollar Tree and want them to look a little more full than they are, here is a great video to watch. Then, start making the flowers for the silk flower wall in Toronto.

If you have your heart set on including a particular flower in your flower wall but you can’t find it anywhere, check out Silk Flowers Factory. They have tons of premium silk flowers in a variety of colours. Their products are at a higher price so it is recommended that you only get as many as you need and then fill out your wall with cheaper flowers for your DIY silk flower wall in Toronto.


Black & White Flower Wall

Now that you have all of your materials together, it’s time to start assembling your flower wall. Start by cutting off the flower stems and isolating the flower heads. Save the greenery from the stems as you may want to place it on your flower wall. Create organized piles as you go so you can keep track of all your different flowers.

Once you have all of your flowers cut and ready to put on the wall, play around with some patterns on your foam board. Once you know which pattern you want, take a picture of it as it will help you in the beginning stages for reference.

Get your hot glue gun and start gluing your flowers to the board. A circle of hot glue around the bottom of the flower should be more than enough to make it stick to the board. Repeat this process until you have all of your flowers stuck to the board. This process will take a long time so be careful to not overwork yourself by trying to finish it all in one sitting.

Take a look at this mixed flower wall made by Floral Walls Canada to help you see what the final product will look like:

Putting Up Your Flower Wall

You can put up your flower wall anyway you want but here are some tips to help get you started. If you want to put your new flower wall up on the wall, it is a very simple process. You can use a double-sided mounting adhesive as it will allow you to easily put up and take down your flower wall as you, please. You might also consider using nails but they may damage your walls and foam board depending on how sturdy it is.

If you want your flower wall to be freestanding, you will have to build a stand for it yourself. This will require some handy work so if you’re not good with that, contact someone you know who is so they can help you. You can create a stand using PVC pipes and attach your flower wall using wires that go into your board and attach to the pipes.

You might also consider using wood as your stand. Create a wood board that is the same size as your flower wall. Secure your board together by placing a large piece of wood horizontally across the back and nailing your board into place. Then create a stand based on your needs using other pieces of wood. Both of these methods will require planning so make sure you have measurements ready when you go into your local hardware store.

Mixed Pink & White Flowers

Silk Flower Wall Toronto: Your Next Event

You might want to make a flower wall to use it at your next event. If you don’t think you will have the time to finish your project before the event, consider using a rental. Using a rental flower wall at your next event will remove any potential stress you might endure when trying to find and assemble materials for your flower wall. You can contact Floral Walls Canada at or (647) 558-1664. Our team is standing by to help you with all of your floral wall rental needs.