Are you looking for beautiful décor products for your upcoming party? Have a celebration creeping up soon? Check out Floral Walls Canada for our event rentals. We have flower walls in Hamilton that are tried and tested to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction. If you don’t know where to start with your flower wall rental, read this article to get to know us a little bit better!

Flower Walls in Hamilton: Options

Our flower walls in Hamilton feature many different flower wall sets and arrangements to select from. For you, we have the top most sought after colours to choose form. Using research, we have determined that the best flower walls in Hamilton include our purple lavender flower wall and red rose flower all. These colours are mesmerizing with their finely crafted flowers and colours. The purple flower wall is a stark purple shade with pops of red-pink here and there. It is perfect for baby showers in Hamilton, or even birthdays in Hamilton. Our red rose flower wall, on the other hand, is the perfect choice for romance and love. Use it at your upcoming wedding (or even a proposal!). Interested? Take a look at the rentals below:

The Purple Lavender Flower Wall

hamilton flower wall purple lavendar

The Red Rose Flower Wall

red flower wall hamilton backdrop

Our Hamilton flower walls are versatile enough to give a broad selection. If you don’t prefer that purple or red hue, we’ve got some great neutral options. The green boxwoods, and green boxwood flower walls are available in Hamilton in various size options. Plus they have the ability to come with additional floral décor. Just let our team know your preference, and we’ll set up a great display for an affordable price. 

Hamilton: Events and Venues

Hamilton is home to many beautiful venues and event spaces. Both indoor and outdoor venues include gorgeous scenery that shows off the beauty of Hamilton. If you are looking for a venue for your marriage ceremony or wedding reception dinner, check out some of the places listed here. Locations like the Dundurn National Historic Site, the Coach House at Dundurn, the Stable at Whitehern, and Ancaster Old Town Hall are just some of the great options. These wedding venues are located at historical sites full of heritage and culture. They boast lovely gardens, and delicious food options. Check them all out using this link to get some more info. We will be happy to talk about our flower walls in Hamilton after you have booked a space that fits you!

Our Unique Flower Wall Décor

We also have a series of flower décor items that differ from the classic flower walls in Hamilton. If you want something a little different, check out our mixed flower ring here. This décor item is trending big-time, and is loved by all that see it. You can use this ring as a backdrop for your reception dinner, or perhaps a wedding altar. That way, you can walk down the aisle to a lovely flower ring (and your partner, of course!). We have a classic white drape enchantment flower wall that will make you swoon. This dreamy piece of décor is perfect for a proposal shoot or an engagement party. Make sure to take couples pics in front of this backdrop to capture your memorable moments.

The White Drape Enchantment Flower Wall

white drape enchantment wall hamilton


Flower Walls in Hamilton: Book with us

If you like our selection of flower walls in Hamilton, be sure to reach out to us. You can call us anytime at 647-558-1664 for quick reservations and booking, or email us with questions using our contact page.

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