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A flower wall backdrop in North York can be seen at a mall as a pop-up rental. They are becoming more and more popular in malls, and large business areas. Mall owners love to have these displays at pop-up stores because they help generate short-term interest in the mall. Also, these pop-ups are used by established companies, or locals trying to increase customer attention.

Mesmerizing Flower Wall Backdrop in North York!

At Floral Walls Canada, we have the perfect piece of décor for your event (our flower wall backdrop in North York!). No matter how big or how small your company is, our walls are for you. Flower walls are great for mall pop-ups because of how eye-catching and beautiful they are. They stop customers walking around the mall. People will stop and want to see what’s going on.

They will take photographs with your brand name. Further, they will share it on social media. Here, we have the best flower wall backdrop in North York for rent for malls and other venues in the GTA.

Red Rose Flower Wall in North York

Mall pop-up rentals in North York are very popular during the holidays. As a result, the mall sees a huge influx of customers. The rush of families, friends, and shoppers looking to buy gifts is tremendous. Foot traffic is up and people are ready to spend. Mall pop-ups, then, are a great way to capitalize for many new business owners. Rent your flower wall backdrop in North York now to get ahead of the competition!

In our opinion, a great display like our red rose flower wall rental is beautiful for a company introducing itself to the world. Plus, the red look really fits in with a holiday atmosphere. The wall stands 8 feet tall and 8 feet wide, taking up a fair amount of space to get people to notice. However, it is still manageable enough to fit through mall walkways.

Lettering can be added to your flower wall to display the name of your company or new products. If you prefer lettering off to the side, check out our marquee letters here. Further, this flower wall can also be used for mall pop-ups around Valentine’s Day. If your company sells products for valentines Day, this is the best way to promote your business and spread the love around.

Red Rose - North York Flower Wall Backdrop


Green Boxwood Flower Wall

The green boxwood flower wall is great for mall pop-up rentals in North York all year round. This flower wall resembles a natural hedge wall. The wall allows you to put lettering on it (your company’s logo, your product name, your slogan: whatever you like, we do it all!). Also, there is an option to add flowers to this wall if you want to add some color to the hedge greenery. This flower wall stands 8 feet tall and can be either 8, 16, or 24 feet wide.

This is great if you have extended space for your mall pop-up. This flower wall can work with businesses that sell any products, thanks to the natural greenery. The backdrop works beautifully with any atmosphere. If you are pushing for a product that is eco-friendly, we strongly urge you to consider this flower wall backdrop in North York!


Green Boxwood Flower Wall - North York Flower Wall Backdrop

Rent a Flower Wall Backdrop North York

If you are looking for a flower wall backdrop in North York for rent as a mall pop-up rental, contact Floral Walls Canada. We are a North York flower wall rental company that provides mall pop-up rentals across the entire Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Our team is very experienced and will patiently answer all of your questions to help get you the best flower wall. If you are looking for immediate service, please call us at (647) 558-1664.

Pink Flower Wall

You can also contact us at and we will respond to you ASAP. Once you have a flower wall, you should contact Balloons Bash. They have stunning balloon arrangements that will pair excellently with your flower wall backdrop.