Baby showers with St. Catharines Flower Backdrop are one of the most special theme. They are one of the days where each and every moment will be savoured with your loved ones. It is a time where a community of friends and family will gather together to support their loved one. As you bring life to the world, they will be there for you to celebrate and make memories.

As impending parenthood comes to you for the first time (or second, or third, or fourth…), it is important to get together with people and remind each other of the most important thing in life: love. At Floral Walls Canada, we aim to embody this through our products and services. As a leading events and décor company, our clients are cherished as people who are going through big stages in their lives. In our opinion, it is our duty to uplift them during these times. So, we have once again created a inspo list for those of you throwing a baby shower in the upcoming months. This time, we aim to promote our white flower arches in St. Catharines for your inspo!

Some Inspo:

So, need to make up some activities for your upcoming baby shower? Want to do something new and exciting? Or thinking of keeping it traditional? Whatever it is, we are here for you! Take a look at some of these ideas we have come up with a white champagne flower backdrop St. Catharines for you:

1. A Photo-Op with a White Champagne Wall

Perhaps the funnest thing to do with your flower backdrop St. Catharines is have a photoshoot with your friends and family! Stand in front of the wall, show off your best angles, and pose for the camera. Your future child is going to want to see these! For some additional fun and festivities, grab our Special Photo Booth rental here in St. Catharines to make lasting memories at your baby shower. We have lots of fun props, and a state of the art camera!


2. A Gender Reveal

Use our white champagne flower backdrop St. Catharines as the focal point for your gender reveal. Within the wall, ask us to incorporate one pink or blue flower wall in St. Catharines. We will hide it somewhere very inconspicuously! Invite your guests to find the special white flower for rent in  St. Catharines, and time them! Give whoever finds the flower a prize. Then, take a picture with them! If you want to make it more personal, you can also have your partner be the one to look for the special red flower. Make it even harder by incorporating a pink or blue petal instead of a purple flower in St. Catharines!

white flower wall st catharines

3.  A Gift-opening Opportunity

Place a nice, comfy couch in front of your white champagne flower backdrop St. Catharines, and get settled into it. Have one of your friends place a plastic crown on your head from the dollar store. Next, gather all the gifts, and open them! This will be a sweet moment, as your friends and family watch on as you open things for the baby (or you!). Plus, you never know which friend has thrown in an “inside joke” in one of the gifts. So, go through them one-by-one, and enjoy being the center of attention in front of the beautiful backdrop!

4. A Cake-Cutting Ceremony

Finally, the St. Catharines white flower backdrop can be used as a décor backdrop for your cake. When it’s time to cut into the beautiful baby shower cake, you’ll have a great background for all the videos and pictures people will take. Remember to take a video of you spearing cake on your partner’s and friend’s faces!

st catherines flower wall decor

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