Your next event in Toronto is coming up and you may already have a venue, guest list, event décor, and catering all sorted out. But you may be missing something crucial to a great event. A flower backdrop for it all! It can be hard looking for a flower backdrop in Toronto.

There are so many different options out there with so many colors, textures, and sizes. You want to find that perfect backdrop that stands out, but still allows your event décor pop! The green boxwood wall rental in Toronto is perfect for this.

Flower Backdrops for Rent in Toronto: Elevate Your Event with Natural Greenery


Boxwood Toronto Flower Wall Rental

Flower backdrops for rent in Toronto can bring life and greenery to your next event. The green boxwood wall rental in Toronto will provide your event with a natural outdoor look that will become a conversation piece for all of your guests. The backdrop resembles a large hedge wall that you can use as a canvas for flowers, lettering, balloons, marquee letters, tables, and any other event décor you may want. Check out our main website for all rental items!

Creating the Perfect Event – Boxwood Toronto Flower Wall Rental

Boxwood Toronto Flower Wall RentalThe first step in adding a green boxwood wall rental in Toronto to your event is finding a location where you would like to place your backdrop. You may want your backdrop to be against a wall, in a corner, or freestanding. Against a wall is the most popular use for this backdrop! It seamlessly fits into the room and takes up the least amount of space at your venue. The freestanding option is great for outdoor events as the hedge wall look will naturally fit into any outdoor space.

Once you have found the perfect location for your green boxwood wall rental, it’s time to figure out the sizing. The Toronto green boxwood wall has so much versatility when it comes to sizing. The standard panel size for each rental is 8 x 8 feet. A single panel will do the trick for many people. However, if you want your hedge wall to cover more area or even an entire wall, the panels fit perfectly together and can create one huge backdrop. The largest panel size is 8 x 24 feet, which is great for extended coverage.

Now it’s time to start planning what you want to put on your Toronto green boxwood wall rental. Adding lettering brings a personal element to the hedge wall and really helps make it your own. The lettering is fully customizable, so you don’t have to worry about choosing from a standard set of phrases.

Final touches with Boxwood Toronto Flower Wall Rental

Boxwood Toronto Flower Wall Rental

A very popular item to add to your green boxwood wall rental is flowers. Flower wall rentals look great at events and the Toronto green boxwood wall allows you to place flowers anywhere on the wall. The flowers look so natural on this hedge wall and give the impression that they are growing out of the backdrop itself. Flower styles include roses, hydrangeas, and plumeria and come in a variety of colours.

Finally, you must consider what you want to place in front of your backdrop. You can place other event décor in front of it, or possibly a table to help you serve your guests. You might want your Toronto green boxwood wall rental to have an open space in front of it, so guests can use it as a great photo opportunity.

How to Get One For your Next Event

Now that you know how to add a Toronto green boxwood wall rental to your event décor, it’s time to find out where you can get a Toronto green boxwood wall rental. If you want a green boxwood wall for rent, you can contact Floral Walls Canada at or (647) 558-1664. We would be more than happy to discuss the perfect flower wall for your next event in the GTHA.

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