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Are you looking for backyard wedding décor with Hamilton Event Rental or the GTA? We can help you. Our backyard wedding décor in Hamilton will create unique, sentimental settings that professional wedding venues cannot match. Since covid and our isolation days, many people have opted to do a backyard wedding. The intimateness of such a wedding is now a favourite among our clients. Why?

Backyard weddings allow you to turn one of your favourite family outdoor spaces into a beautiful wedding venue. It takes a lot of planning and work to get your outdoor space looking wedding ready. To help, we have some backyard wedding décor in Hamilton for rent that will help you create an amazing backyard wedding.

Backyard Wedding Décor with Hamilton Event Rental: Flower Arches

Every wedding needs an arch. Why? Arches symbolize new beginnings. Floral Walls, Canada has designed arches that are decorated with beautiful silk flowers. If you want a minimalist look, our meadow arch is best. However, If you want an arch that is full and formal, the Victorian arch is your best option.


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Both of these arches are decorated with pink, white, and cream roses. Each arch has beautiful white drapes that are tied back. Both arches are terrific backyard wedding décor in Hamilton: it all depends on your taste.

Flower Wall Rentals – Hamilton Event Rental

Hamilton Flower walls are a great option for backyard wedding décor in Hamilton. If you want to have a large beautiful backdrop at your wedding, we recommend flower walls in Hamilton as the way to go. You could choose to use a flower wall in place of an arch, or you could have both at your ceremony.

The reception area is another great place for the flower wall. You could put it behind the bride and groom. Or, the couple can stand in front of it for their wedding photographs! Whatever it is, our backyard wedding décor in Hamilton will be top-notch.

Some Extra Information About our Hamilton Flower Walls:

flower walls come in a large variety of colours. White is most popular for weddings, but you might also choose a pink or green boxwood flower wall in Hamilton. All of these walls stand at 8 by 8 feet. Large enough to make an impact, but not so big that it becomes overbearing or hard to place.


White Flower Wall - Hamilton Event Rental

Hamilton Balloons Decor Services – Hamilton Event Rental

Hamilton Balloons Bash has created a variety of balloon arrangements that make for a great backyard wedding décor in Hamilton. Each order allows you to choose up to 4 colours to have in your garland. You can choose one colour to complement our wedding theme, or 4 colours to elevate your event.

Feel free to chat with us about colours and themes. We will ensure that you customize the best combination for your big day! The best options for a backyard wedding are the Hamilton balloon full and half arch.

These arrangements are freestanding so they are perfect for outdoor settings. Further, the full arch is terrific to use as an entranceway for the aisle. Whereas, the half arch is best utilized when placed beside other décor such as tables.


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Some Additional Ideas for Your Hamilton Balloon Arch:

take a picture of the wedding party in front of your balloon arch in Hamilton for a memorable photo! If you have kids in your wedding party they will love it! If your wedding party is all adults, they will love it even more!

Rent Backyard Wedding Décor in Hamilton

If you are having a backyard wedding, these places have terrific event décor. Floral Walls Canada and Balloons Bash in Hamilton will provide backyard wedding décor in Hamilton and the entire GTA. They both have very experienced teams, as well as a passion for customer service. Below is their contact info: Floral Walls Canada