Event Rentals in Mississauga: Where to Start

It can be hard to come up with ideas to make an event come to life while not going too over the top with it. You want to make sure there is a fun atmosphere, and that everyone in attendance can enjoy. It can be hard considering everyone’s different ideas of what is fun and making it fit within the context of your event. Here are 5 event rentals in Mississauga and the GTA that you can bring your event to life.

Event Rentals in Mississauga: Some Good Options

1. Photo Booth – Mississauga event rentals

5 Ways to Bring Your Event to Life in MississaugaPhoto Booths as an event rental in Mississauga have always been a fun thing to do with friends and it makes perfect sense to have one at your event. It serves multiple purposes too, as a document-er and a fun activity. Guests can get together and take nice pictures together so they can remember the event later on.

Once people take their obligatory “everyone looks nice” picture, you can bust out the props so everyone can get goofy in their own wonderful way. It’s a great way to get your guests together laughing. The best part about all of it is that you have it all captured! Renting a photo booth is one of the best event rentals in Mississauga and definitely a top way to bring life to your event.

2. Flower Walls

5 Ways to Bring Your Event to Life in MississaugaSecond, we have floral wall arrangements as a part of our event rentals in Mississauga. Flower walls have gained a lot of popularity in the events circle. They are stunning pieces of event décor that are sure to capture your guest’s attention.

Each flower wall can be customized to add lettering to further impress your guests. Flower walls give off a lot of positive energy and look great in pictures. You should consider renting a photo booth and a flower wall together as they play off each other’s strengths very well.

3. Marquee Letters – Mississauga event rentals

5 Ways to Bring Your Event to Life in MississaugaMarquee letters look very professional and make your guests feel like they are at a Hollywood premiere. Each letter comes with lights inside of it so your marquee can be enjoyed during the day and night. You might consider getting marquee letters with a person’s name, age, or just a general phrase such as “Love”.

You could get a glass panel to put along the top of all your letters so you have a fancy table. These event rentals in Mississauga are sure to make your event feel like a big deal to all your guests.

4. Balloons

As a part of our event rentals, we also have balloon arches. Balloons are a classic way of knowing that you are gathered to celebrate something important. You can spice up the traditional balloon bouquet by having a balloon half or a full arch. These arches allow you to have the fun of balloons but in a more unique format as there are no strings coming from the floor into the balloons.

These balloons will be a great touch that your guest will really enjoy. Balloon arch rentals pair great with flower walls as they add depth to each other.

5. Red Carpet

The red carpet has long been associated with the most famous celebrities in the world. Many people dream of the chance to one day walk the red carpet with cameras taking their pictures. Why not let your guests live out their dreams and let them walk the red carpet at your event?

The red carpet comes with a stanchion and you can line up your guests behind the stanchion with all of their smartphones and let one person walk the red carpet one by one. This is a great way of letting people get their own moment of feeling special and capture some great photos.

Consider putting a flower wall rental behind the carpet so you have a beautiful backdrop for the photos. Our event rentals in Mississauga have this option if you are interested! Check us out below.

Event Rentals in Mississauga

While reading this article your mind may have started racing with great ideas for your next Mississauga party event décor rental. Below is a list of exceptional companies that provide event rentals in Mississauga and the GTA.

Photo Booth: (647) 693-7723 or eventboothcanada@gmail.com

Flower Walls: (647) 558-1664 or floralwallscanada@gmail.com

Marquee Letters: (647) 797-0032 or marqueelettering@gmail.com

Balloons: (647) 360-3238 or balloonsbash@gmail.com

Red Carpet: (647) 363-7995 or events365canada@gmail.com